Episode 1- "Ab-Normal Cornbelters "

Recorded on February 1, 2019

Uploaded on February 2,2019

Description- Nick and James talk about the Ottawa Champions, Can-Am league international series, tryouts, all the new and folded teams for 2019. On the first episode of the Indy Ball Report.

EPISODE 2- "A Sticky Southwest Situation"

Recorded on February 8, 2019

Uploaded on February 9, 2019

Description- Nick and James are back for episode II of the Indy Ball Report Podcast! Today the guys talk about the Joplin Miners stadium fiasco, the future of the Southwest League, the potential outcomes for McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, and discuss a few big name signings in indy ball. The guys also get into a spirited debate during the 7th inning stretch.

Episode 3- "Go West Young podcast"

Recorded February 15, 2019

Uploaded February 16, 2019

This week the guys talk about Jay Miller's new position, the future of the Martinez Clippers, a winter indy league, update you on the Joplin situation, and discuss the future of baseball in Atlantic City.

episode 4- "A New Stadium"

Recorded February 22, 2019

Uploaded February 23, 2019

A (not so) long time ago in a studio (not really) far far away a pair of podcasters sit down to talk about independent baseball. During this episode they lean in to heavily the SW Episode four theme in their title and description. Oh and they talk about LI Ducks tryouts, SL signing an ex-MLB veteran, naming rights in the Frontier League, and a new stadium for Marshall University. It good one, don't miss it.

Episode 5- "A Major League Deal"

Recorded March 1, 2019

Uploaded March 2, 2019

On this episode the guys breakdown the Atlantic League-Major League Baseball agreement, Cleburne's radio deal, York's new battlefield, and much more. To be sure to join in for this marathon edition of the Indy Ball Report Podcast

episode 6- "A Brave new ballgame"

Recorded March 9, 2019

Uploaded March 10, 2019

This week Nick and James talk about the new commissioner for the American Association, Update the Martinez ownership crisis, discuss the Southern Illinois Miners' latest charity push, and go in depth on the rule changes in the Atlantic League. And as always, an entertaining and exciting 7th inning stretch on this episode of the Indy Ball Report.

Episode 7- "Bag o'peanuts"

Recorded March 15, 2019

Uploaded March 16, 2019

The guys discuss Windy City's new cross promotions, York's new investors, the Bees big deal day, update the McCoy Stadium situation, and take guesses at what the Chicago Dogs big announcement could be. So strap into another episode of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

Episode 8- "Everyone's a wiener"

Recorded on March 22, 2019

Uploaded on March 23, 2019

On this episode of the "Indy Ball Report" Podcast the guys tease a big announcement. After that, they talk about the Redhawks hiring of Jim Bennett, give their closing opinions of the Martinez ownership saga, talk some transactions in the Atlantic League, and some updates around Indy Ball. Mark Schuster also comes up again as his Southwest League hits another snag in the road. As always a thrilling 7th inning is included in this edition of the "Indy Ball Report" Podcast.

episode 9- "Giving 'em the change"

Recorded on March 29, 2019

Uploaded on March 30, 2019

The guys mix up the format of the show a bit in this and change up some other things. They also discuss the latest news in the Atlantic, Can-Am, and Frontier Leagues,here on episode IX of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 10- "Xtreme edition"

Recorded on April 5, 2019

Upload on April 6, 2019

ALPB Showcase, a familiar faces returns to NJ & SC, a lively discussion of the AAF's failure, the Winnipeg lease situation, and much more on this episode of the Indy Ball Report.

episode 11- "Expansion Mansion"

Recorded on April 12, 2019

Upload on April 13, 2019

Expansion fever has taken over the show! With the talk of expansion in the Can-Am league the guys talk about possible places the league can go to. They also hit on tryouts in the Can-Am league, the Atlantic League moving rule changes back, signings in the ALPB and hold a lightning round. To get ready for another episode of the Indy Ball Report podcast.

EPISode 12- 'alpb preview'

Recorded on April 19, 2019

Uploaded on April 20, 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year in this episode of The Indy Ball Report! The duo recap and break down the 2018 season, and preview the coming 2019 season of Atlantic League baseball. An in-depth breakdown of the each division, brief team projection on each of the 8 teams, and our predictions and hot takes for the season await you on this episode of The Indy Ball Report.

Episode 13- 'Baseball's back'

Recorded on April 27, 2019

Uploaded on April 27, 2019

The first show of the baseball season has arrived! The guys breakdown Opening Day and Opening Weekend in the Atlantic League and give a preview of the upcoming week in Indy Ball. They also hit up all the news in the Independent leagues from the past few weeks. And the 7th Inning Stretch makes its popular return! All this and more on the thirteenth edition of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 14- 'rockin around the clock'

Recorded May 3, 2019

Uploaded May 4, 2019

Another week of baseball is in the books, and the guys are here to breakdown and discuss it! The struggles of teams like York and Lancaster with success of High Point and Somerset as well as some news from around the indy ball world are all featured on this fourteenth episode of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 15- 'all atlantic'

Recorded May 10, 2019

Uploaded May 11, 2019

It's the final week of only ALPB talk on the Indy Ball Report. The guys breakdown the landscape in the Atlantic League and talk about the hot teams like Somerset and Sugar Land, and the Cold teams like the Blue Crabs. We also have breakdown the future of the show and preview the upcoming week.

episode 16- 'Opening day'

Recorded May 17, 2019

Uploaded May 18, 2019

It's opening day for most of Indy Ball! Nick and James recap this past week in the Atlantic League and then give a quick overview of the Can-Am, Frontier, and American Leagues/Associations. The 7th inning returns and much more on this episode of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

bonus episode- League preview

Recorded May 24, 2019

Uploaded May 24, 2019

The episode that has been rumored and teased for weeks is now here! Only Nick is here, but he breaks down the Frontier League, Can-Am League, and American Association.

episode 17- 'a solo jam'

Recorded May 24, 2019

Uploaded May 25, 2019

Nick is the only one here on the 17th installment of the Indy Ball Report Podcast. He reviews the past week in Indy Ball and gives a glance at the future.

episode 18- 'Guess who's back'

Recorded May 31, 2019

Uploaded June 1, 2019

It's a full house on Episode XVIII of the Indy Ball Report. Nick and James breakdown everything Indy Ball from the past week, recap High Point's attendance problem, and touch on some serious topics.

episode 19- 'eastern bias'

Recorded June 7, 2019

Uploaded June 8, 2019

The guys talk exclusively about the Atlantic and Can-Am Leagues on this episode. They breakdown the struggles of York, Southern Maryland, and Quebec. Then get into a spirited debate on how a certain captain was handled.

episode 20- 'solo jam 2: The Atlantic boogaloo'

Recorded June 14, 2019

Uploaded June 15, 2019

Another solo show from Nick. This time he breaks down the past week in the ALPB and Can-AM Leagues, as well discuss Frank Duncan's No-Hitter.

episode 21- 'Is anybody there?'

Recorded June 20, 2019

Uploaded June 21, 2019

The guys are both here this week. They sit down and discuss the struggles in Lancaster, York's hot streak, the fight in the Liberty Division, and ALPB attendance. Then switch over to talk about the Can-Am league.

episode 22- 'the ottawa episode'

Recorded June 29,2019

Uploaded June 29, 2019

Nick holds down the fort while James is under the weather. A breakdown of the Ottawa situation as well as an overview on the health of the Can-Am. He also looks over the divisional races in the Atlantic League, and explains why Sugar Land is in trouble. And the new changes coming to the show are announced. On this episode of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 23- 'New rules'

Recorded July 5, 2019

Uploaded July 6,2019

The guy are both here this week and breakdown the new rules in the ALPB. Nick updates the big news from last week. While, James gives his thoughts on the current status of Ottawa. They breakdown the ALPB all-star roster and talk divisional races. On the 23rd installment of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

Episode 24a- 'back again'

Recorded August 10, 2019

Uploaded August 10, 2019

The show is back from its' month long hiatus! Nick breaks down the action from the past month and discusses the ASG for the Atlantic & Can-Am Leagues, and reviews the year so far in both leagues. The week on content starts now on the Indy Ball Report!

episode 24b- 'back again pt.2 deux'

Recorded August 13, 2019

Uploaded August 13, 2019

Nick's back again to finish the recap for the show's month long hiatus. This time all the off the field business is discussed including the ALPB and Can-Am League ASG, the rule changes in the Atlanic League, Gastonia expansion, and much more.

episode 25- 'Failure to communicate'

Recorded on August 16, 2019

Uploaded on August 17, 2019

A full show this week as James rejoins the program. We talk about the Miners clinching a playoff birth, Somerset's struggles, the secret data of the ALPB, and much more on this week's edition of the Indy Ball Report.

episode 26- 'into the stretch'

Recorded on August 23, 2019

Uploaded on August 24, 2019

Another solo show as Nick holds down the fort to talk about the playoff races in the Can-Am and Atlantic leagues. Also, Gastonia and the Kansas City T-Bones are discussed. For fans in Northern NJ, don't forget August 29 is Isaac Pavlik Night at Yogi Berra Stadium. Be sure to come out and celebrate Pavlik's career as his number 7 will be retired before the game.

episode 27- 'And the Award Goes to...'

Recorded- August 31, 2019

Uploaded- August 31, 2019

Another solo episode in with Nick breaks down the happening from the week. Including league awards, playoff match ups, and other off the field happenings.

episode 28- 'The most wonderful time of the year

Recorded September 6, 2019

Uploaded September 7, 2019

Both host are in this week to break down the ALPB playoff picture and discuss both series happening in the CAN-AM league right now. Included is a tease for something big coming next week.

episode 29- 'champion tba'

Recorded September 14, 2019

Uploaded September 14, 2019

Another Solo show, Nick breaks down the news and the current state of the ALPB season. A full review of the NJ Jackals season and SC Miners season are included with thoughts on the CAN-AM league championship aka The Garden State Classic.

episode 30- 'we three kings of america's pastime pt.2'

Recorded September 20, 2019

Uploaded September 21, 2019

The gang's all here for a huge episode. This baby was broken into 2 part. Part 1 covers all the happens of the Can Am league. This includes more reaction on Ottawa, news about expansion into Maine, and a complete breakdown of the Garden State Classic. Part 2 covers the end of the ALPB regular season and a preview of the playoff match ups. Also included, thoughts on River City's legacy and storybook ending. In addition, some AA talk as well. All this and more on this mega 2 part edition on the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 30- "we three kings of america's pastime pt.1"

Recorded September 20, 2019

Uploaded September 25, 2019

The first half of Episode XXX. The guys breakdown recent Can-Am league news (Ottawa and Maine Expansion) and talk about the Garden State Classic. Also the awards are fully layed out.

episode 31- "The Maine Plan"

Recorded September 28, 2019

Uploaded September 28, 2019

The playoffs are underway in the Atlantic League! Nick breaks down all the postseason action and gives his thoughts on how these series will turn out. Also, updates on what's happening in Maine and Ottawa and less than shocking news out of Rockland. Not mention the talk about new teams in Nevada and O'Fallon. All this and more on this edition of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 32- "The sky is falling ... maybe"

Recorded October 5, 2019

Uploaded October 7, 2019

It was an eventful week in Indy Ball with the talk of a merger between 2 of the major Indy leagues. A team maybe leaving the ALPB and a new team is joining the league in 2021. Also, some old rumors about Rockland resurface. The MLB-ALPB partnership is looked at with a season under our belts. And oh so much more on this jammed packed episode of the Indy Ball Report podcast. Please excuse the audio quality, it was either this or terrible echos and this seemed to be the lesser of 2 evils.

episode 33- "come together"

Recorded October 12, 2019

Uploaded October 13, 2019

It's merger time! The Can-Am League and Frontier League are expected to merge into one 'super' Indy league and we break down all we know. Also a recap of the ALPB Championship and a wrap up of the Atlantic League season on a whole. And we look back at some of our predictions from the start of the year that didn't go so right.

episode 34- "october 16 or the day everything changed"

Recorded October 19, 2019

Uploaded October 20, 2019

The merger is done and break it down. Also the T-Bones and Champions were sold and their futures are looking up. The Baseball America article is also talked about on this solo edition of the Indy Ball Report podcast.

episode 35- "The New Frontier"

Recorded October 25, 2019

Uploaded October 26, 2019

The guys are back to breakdown the Frontier League's 2020 schedule and discuss the possible roster rules for the league. Also a look at Somerset's Next 20 intuitive. Long Island's new season ticket holder perk is brought up as well.

episode 36- "The road Warriors"

Recorded November 1, 2019

Uploaded November 2, 2019

The guys talk about the struggles of being a road warrior and the 2020 schedule in the ALPB. Also the expansion article is discussed along with possible expansion in the midwest. They also update a few old topics.

episode 37- "Disposing of mr.bee"

Recorded November 8, 2019

Uploaded November 9, 2019

A couple large topics on this ALPB heavy episode. The awards for the year and disposal draft are broken down, as well as possible expansion and MiLB's use of the ABS system. Updates and more on this episode of the Indy Ball Report podcast.

episode 38- "The game manager"

Recorded November 16, 2019

Uploaded November 16, 2019

Another solo episode this week. Nick breaks down some manager moves and the ALPB mini-camp scheduled for April. Also, a talk on the SL Skeeters letter.

episode 39- "The indy ball times"

Recorded November 22, 2019

Uploaded November 23, 2019

With major changes to the minor league structure on the horizon the guys breakdown the situation and some articles on the situation. The go through some standard off season stories and preview next week. Don't forget questions for the Q/A episode are due by noon of December 6.

episode 40- "Da rules"

Recorded November 29, 2019

Uploaded November 30, 2019

Its a big show today as we recap the rumors of expansion into Alabama and update the situation in Ottawa. A bunch of minor stories and a thoughtful email included in this episode as well. Oh and we give some suggestions for new rules in the Atlantic League.

episode 41- "Your questions, our answers"

Recorded December 6, 2019

Uploaded December 7, 2019

It's time for the Q/A episode that has been in the making! We answer all your questions on every topic ranging from Ottawa and the Frontier League to MiLB and Ourselves. So strap in for this 90 minute long Q/A edition of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 42- "welcome to new york"

Recorded December 13, 2019

Uploaded December 14, 2019

The guys update some past stories and cover some ALPB happenings. Also, talk on Keon Barnum and the new name for the Boulders.

episode 43- "tracking down the trackman"

Recorded December 21, 2019

Uploaded December 22, 2019

The Happy Holidays edition of the show, the guys tackle the developments form the winter meetings and Shuman situation. The also address a few more stories this week. The duo also give their Indy Ball wishlist and gifts for Indy Ball next year.

episode 44- "review and reflect"

Recorded December 27, 2019

Uploaded December 28, 2019

The final episode of 2019 and the 2010s is a dozy. The guys review the Miners off season and past few months in the Pacific Association. Also, we discuss the possibility of ABS in MLB. The episode closes with a review of the past decade in Indy Ball.

episode 45- "California beef"

Recorded January 4, 2020

Uploaded January 5, 2020

The break down the news of week including a return to Ottawa, beef out west, and some movement on the MiLB-MLB front. Also a few big announcements are made. This and much more on this episode of the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 46- "transaction report ft. alpb_news pt.1"

Recorded January 10, 2020

Uploaded January 11, 2020

For the first time, we have a third member of the show! Will from ALPB News joins the guys to breakdown some major transactions and possible moves in Indy Ball. This is part 1 of 2 of Episode XXXXVI.

episode 46B- "transaction report ft. alpb_news pt.2"

Recorded January 10, 2020

Uploaded January 18, 2020

The guys plus Will (alpb_news) breakdown and review all the rule changes in the ALPB that were part of their partnership will the MLB.

episode 47- "Howdy Y'all"

Recorded January 24, 2020

Uploaded January 25, 2020

The guys are back for a regular show this week. They breakdown the happenings of the past 2 weeks and talk about some future planning.

episode 48- "happy birthday"

Recorded January 31, 2020

Uploaded February 1,2020

On our first anniversary episode, the guys discuss and make suggestions for the 2020 Frontier League All-Star Game. They also talk some Matty Latos and the trend of players leaving the ALPB. The new possible team in Alabama is discussed as well. They also talk Super Bowl LIV predictions and speak from the heart. Here on this week's episode of THE Indy Ball Report.

Thank you all for the support over the past year, we truly do appropriate it. This has already become more than we ever thought it could be. We look for to another year and a new decade of cover the game we all love, and from the bottom of hearts THANK YOU!

episode 49- "the dark knight rises?"

Recorded February 7, 2020

Uploaded February 8, 2020

A short episode this week, the guys talk Matt Harvey and the Jackals new GM. Also do some future planning and another rapid fire.

episode 50- "Taking the L"

Recorded February 14, 2020

Uploaded February 15, 2020

The guys breakdown some Frontier League news including that league's draft and hit up some York signings. Also, how the MLB's playoff proposal will effect the ALPB. And of course we have some XFL talk.

episode 51- "a piece of metal"

Recorded February 21, 2020

Uploaded February 22, 2020

Back again with another jammed packed show. The guys breakdown some recent trends and update the MiLB-MLB situation. They also talk about some expansion and do another rapid fire round. There is a surprise at the end of this one, so don't miss this episode of the Indy Ball Report.

episode 52- "a super edition"

Recorded February 28, 2020

Uploaded February 29, 2020

A jammed packed episode has the guys breaking down the latest Indy Ball article and some of the big stories in Indy Ball. Include their plan to build a super Indy League and a rapid fire and you have a winner of an episode this week.

episode 53- "a solo jam 3: trilogy"

Recorded March 7, 2020

Uploaded March 7, 2020

A another solo jam, Nick gives his thoughts of York's new jersey and Scott Kelly's return to Somerset. Also, some tryout news and promotions in the Association. And an update from sunny California with future plans.

episode 54- "open a corona-virus"

Recorded March 14, 2020

Uploaded March 14, 2020

The guys discuss the affects of Coronavirus on the sports world and breakdown the Sioux City off season so far. Also the bracket reveal of our Indy Ball March Madness.

episode 55- "problems out west"

Recorded March 20, 2020

Uploaded March 21, 2020

More COVID talk as leagues are begining to more their games and tryouts. Also, the beef out west is cooking in the Pecos league and we're talking about.

special episode- joe torre interview

Recorded (Interview) March 23, 2020 and (Intro & Discussion) March 28, 2020

Uploaded March 28, 2020

The guys interview the head of Black Sox Baseball Joe Torre on the situation with the Pecos League and his Black Sox. More to come later this week.

special episode- t.j. zarewicz interview

Recorded (Interview)- March 27,2020 and (Intro & Discussion) March 28 ,2020

Uploaded- April 1, 2020

Nick hosts the interview with former Santa Fe Fuego manger and current ALPB Road Warrior hitting coach T.J. Zarewicz. James joins to discuss the interview.

episode 56- "look who waddled in"

Recorded- (Interview) April 1, 2020 and (Rest of the Episode) April 4, 2020

Uploaded- April 4, 2020

The guys welcome Ducks President and GM Michael Pfaff to the show. They also talk about how seasons are being delayed and wrap up our March Madness tournament.

episode 57- "Out of the dugout"

Recorded- April 10, 2020

Uploaded- April 11, 2020

The guys talk with the head of Prospect Dugout Craig Maddox about their mission and the ALPB Tryout. Then breakdown the news coming out of the American Association and Frontier League. As well as some more news.

episode 58- "the dark times"

Recorded- April 18, 2020

Uploaded- April 18, 2020

The guys discuss the news coming out of Quebec and the effects of the Corona virus on Indy Ball as a whole. They share some news out of the Pecos and Empire leagues. Then they share some updates on the MiLB-MLB partnership and some cool upcoming IBR announcements.

special episode- dennis pelfrey interview

Recorded- (Interview) 4/23/20 (Intro/Discussion) 4/25/20

Uploaded- 4/25/20

Nick hosts the show alone this week. This edition is has Nick interviewing Dennis Pelfrey, current SJ Giants' manager and former Florence Freedom manager. A second edition of just news is due out in the middle of next week.

episode 59- "10,000 miles to sioux falls"

Recorded- April 29, 2020

Uploaded- April 30, 2020

Both guys are around for part 2 of this week's double feature. They talk about the delays in the American Association, Frontier League's plan, the future of Indy Ball expansion, an MiLB update, and the Pelfrey interview.

episode 60- "a new type of opening day"

Recorded- (Interview) April 29, 2020 (Discussion) May 2, 2020

Uploaded- May 2, 2020

Nick does an interview with Carson Lee and both of the guys break down the news in Indy Ball.

episode 61- "Off the rails"

Recorded- May 9, 2020

Uploaded- May 9, 2020

We were supposed to have our interview with Scott Islehart (Jackals Bench Coach, Head of Baseball Scouting League) play in this episode but it was pulled at the last minute for undisclosed reasons. Apologies for the inconvenience. The guys are back talking about the Saints reopening plan, ALPB ticketing policies, Frontier league tryouts, an ALPB game of sorts, and a Indy Ball success story. This and more on episode LXI of THE Indy Ball Report podcast.

episode 62- "what a nice guy"

Recorded- May 13, 2020 (Interview) and May 16, 2020

Uploaded- May 16, 2020

We welcome Billy Horn (HP Bench Coach) to the show and the guys discuss the interview. They also talk some news and share their top 10 indy team lists.

episode 63- "the fire line"

Recorded- May 23, 2020

Uploaded- May 23, 2020

The guys talk about the opening plan for a few leagues and the difficulties associated with them.

episode 64- "solo jam #4"

Recorded- May 30, 2020

Uploaded- May 30, 2020

Nick hosts a solo show about the status of the MiLB and the Indy Leagues' seasons and players. Upcoming guest announcements are made.

episode 65- "a trip to the shore league"

Recorded- June 3, 2020 (Interview) and June 5, 2020

Uploaded- June 6, 2020

A new episode and a new interview with Justin Orenduff (USPBL Director of Baseball Ops) awaits you. The guys also talk some MiLB and summer leagues. They return to taking more Somerset baseball and the American Association. Oh and a huge announcement is made.

episode 66- "a hub of excitement"

Recorded- June 9, 2020 (Interview) and June 12, 2020

Uploaded- June 13, 2020

BASEBALL IS BACK! Nick and James talk about the announcement from the American Association about playing in 2020. The guys are joined by the commissioner of the American Association Josh Schaub. They also talk about the news of Sugar Land creating their own league and the impending decision on the 2020 season from the ALPB. Also, what the Frontier League will look like in 2020.

episode 67- "into the frontier"

Recorded- June 17, 2020 (Interview) and June 20, 2020

Uploaded- June 20, 2020

The guys sit down with the Deputy Commissioner of the Frontier League Steve Tahsler and discuss the 2020 season and beyond. They also look at the announcement from the ALPB and the news of the American Association.

episode 68- "And then there was two"

Recorded- June 27, 2020

Uploaded- June 27, 2020

Will (alpb_news) joins Nick to discuss all the news in Indy Ball this week. Including the Frontier League suspending their season, Somerset's rumored move to MiLB, the AA streaming plan, and much much more.

episode 69- "baseball is back? nice!"

Recorded- July 4, 2020

Uploaded- July 4, 2020

The guys preview the American Association season. They also talk about the announcement from MiLB and the cancellation of the ALPB season. Also, Lightning Sloths.

episode 70- "the legend of the rally pickle"

Recorded- July 11, 2020

Uploaded- July 11, 2020

The guys discuss the first week of action in the American Association and name their players of the week. They also look at the smaller pop up leagues around the country. And of course the rally pickle.

episode 71- "a tale of two feathers"

Recorded- July 18, 2020

Uploaded- July 18, 2020

The guys discuss the week in indy ball and a new league in the tri-state among other news.

episode 72- "light the fuse"

Recorded- July 24, 2020

Uploaded- July 25, 2020

Will joins the show to talk some American Association baseball and other developments in Indy Ball. Including the news about the FUSE district in Gastonia and Kansas City.

episode 73- "solo jame iv"

Recorded- August 1, 2020

Uploaded- August 1, 2020

Another solo show where Nick breaks down the past in the Association and talks about the new expansion and future plans of the Atlantic League.

episode 74- "solo jam v"

Recorded- August 7, 2020

Uploaded- August 8, 2020

Big announcement tease on this solo show. Nick looks at the past week in the association and what the 2nd half of the season has in store too. Also some news.

episode 75- "now batting"

Recorded- August 14, 2020

Uploaded- August 15, 2020

Nick introduces the big announcement and then a discussion on the American Association and the Washington Wildthings league.

episode 76- "welcome to the show"

Recorded- August 21, 2020

Uploaded- August 22, 2020

Nick and Will talk about the past week in the Association and the outlook on the playoffs. Also talk about the Schaumberg lease controversy and movement on the Metro Millers front. Also some big debuts in MLB from Indy Ballers.

episode 77- "fish out of water"

Recorded- August 28, 2020

Uploaded- August 29, 2020

Nick and Will breakdown the collapse of the Goldeyes over the last week and the rise of St. Paul and Sioux Falls. They also recap all the major circuit leagues to this point and give some thoughts on MiLB/MLB's future.

Episode 78- "rounding third"

Recorded- September 4, 2020

Uploaded- September 5, 2020

Nick and Will are back and breaking down the final week and playoff push in the American Association. Also some news out of MiLB and the Atlantic League.

episode 79- "Playoffs? Playoffs!

Recorded- September 11, 2020

Uploaded- September 12, 2020

It’s Championship Season in Baseball! Will and Nick talk about the AABC playoffs and break down the season and champion series in the American Association. Also, an in depth discussion on the MiLB-MLB labor situation.

episode 80- "milky madness"

Recorded- September 18, 2020

Uploaded- September 19, 2020

The guys breakdown the American Association Championship Series and talk some news about Gastonia, NJ Jackals, and MiLB.

episode 81- "howdy partner"

Recorded- September 25, 2020

Uploaded- September 26, 2020

It was a major week in Indy Ball. Three leagues are now partnered with MLB, Winnipeg is having lease issues, and Ottawa has a team again. The guys breakdown what all of this means and what Indy Ball will look like in 2021 and beyond.

episode 82- "new in town"

Recorded- October 2, 2020

Uploaded- October 3, 2020

The guys talk about the future of Minor League baseball and the new Appalachian League. Also, couple bits of news out of the American Association and NY's new manager.

episode 83- "solo jam vi"

Recorded- October 10, 2020

Uploaded- October 10, 2020

Nick talks about the news from Ottawa and Schaumberg. Also we have name finalist in Gastonia. Updates on MiLB and Somerset too.

episode 84- "tourny time?"

Recorded- October 16, 2020

Uploaded- October 17, 2020

Will is back this week and we recap last week's news (ends at 19;12) and talk about one news out of Sioux Falls. Also, two partner leagues have had their commissioner talk about the partnership. We talk about that this week.

episode 85- "when air hogs fly away"

Recorded- October 23, 2020

Uploaded- October 24, 2020

Nick and Will breakdown the breaking news in Indy Ball. The Texas Air Hogs of the American Association are done. Also news from north of the border about Ottawa and Three Rivers coaching staffs. All this and a teaser on this week of the Indy Ball Report podcast.

Bonus episode- "Hagerstown"

Recorded- October 23, 2020 & October 28, 2020

Uploaded- October 28, 2020

The cut portion of Episode 85 about possible Indy Ball & Summer College Ball expansion spots and the announcement of our next interview guest.

episode 86- "throwin' Gas"

Recorded- October 30, 2020

Uploaded- October 31, 2020

We are extremely excited to be interviewing the COO of the Gastonia ALPB team David Martin! The guys also recap the Air Hogs downfall and the future of the NY-Penn League. Show Notes Available on indyballreport.com. Interview starts at 54 minutes and 30 seconds.

episode 87- "in the year 2038..."

Recorded- November 6, 2020

Uploaded- November 7, 2020

Winnipeg is gonna be around for a long time after their new lease and we got some more news on the American Association's partnership. As well as a MiLB update.

episode 88- "The patriots' path"

Recorded- November 9 &13, 2020

Uploaded- November 14, 2020

Today the guys speak with High Point Rockers team President Pete Fisch about the team and community. Also, the big news of Somerset becoming a Yankees' affiliate is discussed between the guys. Likewise, the American Association's new Facebook deal is mentioned too, on a busy week in indy ball.

episode 89- "nothin but skeeters and crickets"

Recorded- November 20, 2020

Uploaded- November 21, 2020

The guys breakdown Sugar Land's move to affiliated ball and talk about the minor league landscape. Some news from the AA and formerly AA as well. Plus, a teaser of big things to come.

episode 90- "reaching the pioneer pass"

Recorded- November 27, 2020

Uploaded- November 28, 2020

We are a week away from a full reveal of the 120 affiliated team list from MLB. Rumors swirling around the Pioneer League and the Crushers' stadium gets a new name.

episode 91- "new frontier"

Recorded- December 1, 2020 (Interview) and December 4, 2020

Uploaded- December 5, 2020

We spoke with the long time Commissioner of the Frontier League Bill Lee. Also, a breakdown of Ottawa's branding and new Association logo. As well as discussing SI and St. Paul. A jam backed marathon show this week on the Indy Ball Report.

episode 92- "Out on the island"

Recorded- December 9, 2020 (Interview) and December 11, 2020 (The Rest)

Uploaded- December 12, 2020

They dropped the big one! The full list of MiLB affiliates has been released and we talk about which teams made it, missed it, and will soon be in Indy Ball. Also we welcome Rob Pimpsner (Pinstripe Prospects) to talk about Staten Island and their future in professional baseball. This and more on the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 93- "mining for gold"

Recorded- December 15, 2020 (Interview) and December 18, 2020

Uploaded- December 19, 2020

This week we spoke with Bret Leuthner, the play by play man for the Sussex County Miners. There's also a spot of news.

episode 94- "your questions, our answers 2"

Recorded- December 23. 2020

Uploaded- December 26, 2020

It's time again for the annual Q & A episode. 90 minutes of just that this week on the Indy Ball Report Podcast.

episode 95- "mr. world wide"

Recorded- January 1, 2021

Uploaded- January 2, 2021

We kick off 2021 by going to the land down under to talk about the ABL-AA partnership. Then we head up to the great white north of Quebec before heading down to Mexico to check up on some Indy players.

episode 96- "into the valley of the cats"

Recorded- January 8, 2021

Uploaded- January 9, 2021

Will and Nick talk about the addition of Tri-City to the Frontier League as well as the delayed start to the MiLB season. A spirited debate follows that of this episode of the Indy Ball Report.

episode 97- "the land of milk and honey"

Recorded- January 15, 2020

Uploaded- January 16, 2020

The guys breakdown the recently unveiled branding for Gastonia. Then talk about possible markets for expansion and some Tri-City and personal news.

episode 98- "we'll see you in court"

Recorded- January 22, 2021

Uploaded- January 23, 2021

Double litigation day as we have new lawsuits being filed by cities and teams against teams and leagues. Also, some big changes coming to the baseball landscape west of the Mississippi. It's goodie don't miss out.

episode 99- "a trip on the oregon trail"

Recorded- January 29, 2021

Uploaded- January 30, 2021

The guys speak to the CEO of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes on the formation of the Maverick League. As news on the manager in Tri-City and some ALPB talk as well. Jammed pack for you this week.

episode 100- "the century mark"

Recorded- February 5, 2021

Uploaded- February 6, 2021

It's Episode 100 and the 2nd birthday of the show! We celebrate these milestones and talk about the major expansion news coming from the Atlantic League. Also, Kane County is officially an Indy Ball team. We break that down on this episode.

episode 101- "indy ball 101"

Recorded- February 12, 2021

Uploaded- February 13, 2021

We are back to talk about the new minor leagues and the release of the American Association schedule. Also, we give a review of the Milkmen's offseason thus far.

episode 102- "blue grass baseball"

Recorded- February 19, 2021

Uploaded- February 20, 2021

Nick and Will breakdown Lexington's long awaited move to the Atlantic League and talk on Gastonia's first skipper. Then they wish a friend of the show well and discuss the 2021 Frontier League schedule and season.

episode 103- "a legendary episode"

Recorded- February 22, 2021 (Interview) February 26, 2021 (Show)

Uploaded- February 27, 2021

The guys welcome the COO of the Lexington Legends Jesse Scaglion to the show and talk about the Atlantic League in 2021 and more.

episode 104- "we got the power"

Recorded- March 3, 2021 (Interview) March 5, 2021 (Show)

Uploaded- March 6, 2021

The guys welcome Jesse Scaglion back to talk about proper hair care routines and the West Virginia Power. Then breakdown some hirings from the past week in Indy Ball.

episode 105- "hello mr. president"

Recorded- March 9, 2021 (Interview) March 12, 2021 (Show)

Uploaded- March 13, 2021

The guys talk about some new rules coming to the PDL that ALPB fans will know. Also, we spent an hour speaking with the President of the Atlantic League Rick White.

episode 106- "you are toast"

Recorded- March 18, 2021

Uploaded- March 20, 2021

We are giving you the interview you crave, the Toast Man is here. We also talk some brand redesign and MLB.

bonus episode- "frozen four preview"

Recorded- March 24, 2021

Uploaded- March 25, 2021

Nick previews the 2021 Frozen Four championship. Bracket prediction starts at 21;36.

episode 107- "kings of america-n association"

Recorded- March 26, 2021

Uploaded- March 27, 2021

Slow week in news so the guys do a breakdown of the KC Monarchs roster and announce a new series!

episode 108- "teams by the sea"

Recorded- April 2, 2021

Uploaded- April 3, 2021

The guys talk about some news involving managers, the Empire League All-Star Game, and start the build a team series.

episode 109- "oh boy, a clip show"

Recorded- April 9, 2021

Uploaded- April 10, 2021

It's a (hopefully) one time event! The Indy Ball Report clip show is here with all your favorite outtakes.

episode 110- "a mound to die on"

Recorded- April 15, 2021

Uploaded- April 17, 2021

It's a fat episode this week. The guys talk about the new rules for the Atlantic League, the expansion news in regards to Hagerstown and SI, and an update from our friends down in Trenton. Not done there, they also talk about an interesting partnership between a new pioneer league team and a LMB team. Some other news items and part two of the build a team series is live on this edition of the Indy Ball Report.